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Hi There,
It’s Dr. Simeon Hein here and I want to thank you for visiting my site. I thought you would be curious to know something about me. I originally came out of academics with a Ph. D. in sociology with an emphasis on statistics and research methods. In order to have more contact with the public, I started my own research and teaching company, the Mount Baldy Institute in 1996, to give people the opportunity to learn remote viewing, a type of intuitive training that taps into our subconscious intelligence. My latest training system is the live Human Fusion® class.

We also study crop circles and take people on crop circle tours. You can watch some of my lectures about crop circles. Download some of my research papers for free.

I also play guitar and write music and you can listen to and download some of my music here. I’ve written a number of books, Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance and more recently, Planetary Intelligence: 101 Easy Steps to Energy, Well Being, and Natural Insight.

I’m here to help you so please let me know of your concerns and questions. My contact info is below. Please feel free to contact me about anything!

best wishes,
Dr. Simeon Hein

Mount Baldy Institute,
42 W. 24th St.,
New York, NY 10010
PO Box 469
Boulder CO 80306



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